Co- ownership is the safest, securest and most profitable way of co-owning the title deed of a property.

Co- ownership gives you the opportunity to buy your part of a luxurious holiday home that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

This is not a timeshare. Simply click below to request a brochure & further information.

With Full ownership you have the full property in your name. Nothing to share.

An impressive fixed return!

6% Yearly Fixed Return for 10 Years

Assured Resale from year 10 - 150%

A choice of full ownership or co-ownership of the freehold

Investing your  money wisely!

Your Co- ownership is an asset so when the property increases in value, so will your Co- ownership.

2 weeks holiday 

already paid for!

You can purchase as many Shares as you like - each one entitles you to four weeks of ownership, two of the weeks are automatically entered into the rental scheme which is great as it means you avoid paying the TVA on the property.

all returns net of ownership costs

Great benefit to Co- ownership is all maintenance, insurance and council tax costs are divided per fraction.